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Izabela Blackwood

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197 Bradley Street
New Haven CT, 06511

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Although I have lived in many cities, from Paris to Berlin to Moscow, I have always felt truly at home here, in Connecticut. By now a long-time resident of New Haven, I first came here to attend a graduate program at Yale. Soon after earning my PhD, I purchased my first house in East Rock, and I fell in love with the neighborhood. Throughout an active academic career in Slavic and cultural studies, I have maintained a keen interest in real estate. I am fascinated by the individual histories of the houses we inhabit, and by the potential of adapting them to the needs of our modern lives. As an avid hiker and biker, I appreciate the perfect blend of urban design and nature that New Haven offers thanks to its landmark East and West Rock formations. I raised my two children in New Haven, and I have extensive experience with the school system (my children have attended both public and private schools in the area). If you are ready to start on your search for a home in New Haven and its vicinity today, I will be very happy to assist you.