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A Self-Contained Gem - Fair Haven, New Haven |Betsy Grauer Realty, Inc.

A Self-Contained Gem

The Fair Haven neighborhood of New Haven is considered to be the most self contained of all New Haven neighborhoods leaving one former New Haven Mayor to remark that residents of the region tend to stay in the area to eat, shop, go to school and worship.

The neighborhood is sandwiched between the Mill and Quinnipiac Rivers which pass along the shores of Fair Haven to empty into New Haven Harbor.

Portions of Fair Haven have been revitalized in the past decade to add luxury condominimums, restored Oyster Houses and a village of Cape Cod style homes that offer both subsidized and market rate units.

The neighborhood sits just two miles from the green in Downtown New Haven, but just about anything residents need can be found in the confines of Fair Haven itself.

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